USSD Code of Robi | Useful Information

This is list of the Robi USSD Codes, USSD Code of Robi. Call Divert. Active, Deactive, Call Waiting, Sim Number, Package Check, Balance Check, Data (MB) Check, Set FnF, Incoming Call, Call Block.

USSD Code of Robi | Useful Information
USSD Code of Robi | Useful Information

Robi All Service Important USSD Codes 2019! Robi Axiata is the biggest mobile operator company in Bangladesh. Today I share the most essential USSD codes for Robi all customers, most codes enclosed in this article.

Robi All Service Important USSD Codes

I provide in this article Robi activation and deactivation codes, I hope to help the article all Robi customers.

All USSD codes are going to be valid and update as a result of I already checked one by one, therefore follow this text and acquire Robi All Service Important USSD Codes.

Single Digit USSD Service Names
*0# Minutes Bundle
*1# Balance Check / Due bill check
*2# Show own mobile number
*3# Data (MB) Check
*4# Internet Pack Purchase
*5# Popular Vas activation/deactivation
*6# Know your package/call tariff
*7# DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS)
*8# Jhotpot Balance/Air Credit
*9# All VAS Stop Request
*123# Sow All Service


Robi All Service Important USSD Codes:

USSD Code of Robi | Useful Information

How to Deactivate/ Stop/ Cancel All Vas Service?

  • Just dial 123 then press 7 for all vas deactivate (within 24 hrs.) (Free of cost)

Robi Emergency Balance:

  • To Get Robi Emergency Balance simply dial, code: *8811*1# (Up to 100 Tk)
  • You can check remaining emergency balance, dial: *222*16#
  • To Stop Robi Emergency Balance service, dial: *8811*2#

How To Get an Emergency Balance in Robi?

  • To get Robi emergency internet data customers dial *8811*1*1*1# to activate Robi JHOTPOT service then again dial *8811*11 to get 25MB data @ Tk 10 (validity 3 days)
  • To check Robi emergency internet balance just dial *123*3*5#

How To Check Robi 4G SIM and Mobile?

  • To check Robi 4G supported or not just dial, *123*44#

Robi Internet Balance Check:

  • To check your Robi internet balance just dial, Code: *8444*88#
  • 2019 New MB Balance Check Code *3#
  • To need help for Robi internet, Dial *8444# (If you cancel or deactivate Robi internet pack manage existing plan)

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Robi Call Waiting Code:

  • To Activate Robi call waiting for service just dial, Code: *43#
  • You can Stop call waiting service, Dial: #43#

Robi Own SIM Number Check Code: 

  • To check Robi own sim number just dial, code: *140*2*4#

Robi Call Divert On/Off Code:

  • To activate Robi call divert service simply dial, Code: *21* Focus Number #
  • You can easily deactivate Robi call divert Service just dial, Code: #21#
  • All call divert on the code, Dial: *21*8121#
  • All  call divert off code, Dial: #21#

Robi Incoming Call Off/ Barring Incoming Call:

  • You can get off all incoming call, Dial: *35*0000#
  • To again activate your incoming call, Dial: #35*0000#

Robi Outgoing Call Off/ Barring Outgoing Call:

  • To off outgoing call just dial, Code: *33*0000#
  • To activate outgoing call need dial, Code: #33*0000#

Robi Easy Menu:

  • You get here most of the ordinary Robi service, Dial: *140# or please for more details here

Robi Balance Check Codes:

  • Robi Main Balance Code, Dial: *222#
  • Robi Bonus Amount remaining *222*1#
  • SMS Check code, Dial: *222*11#

Robi Customer Care Numbers:

  • Robi complain number, Dial: 158 (Toll-Free)
  • Robi help center number, Dial: 123
  • Robi help center number from others network, Dial: +88 01819-400 400

Note: If you need another service code, please tell us by comment or call Robi customer care.

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